10 Important tools for GOAL SETTING – Happy New Year 2016

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The New year is round the corner and we make it a point to make resolutions every year only to see them either unfulfilled or partially achieved every year. Is it because we lack perseverance or focus ?
GOAL is so important in life that without it we are actually not living, we are just breathing away our life.

Can you imagine a single day without looking forward to something?

If you can, then the zing in your life has gone missing, and probably the reason is that the ‘Goals’ in your life are missing?

Therefore it is indispensable that GOAL SETTING is a critical process which we should do often.
Goal Setting is that process where we keep ourselves motivated to accomplish whatever we have decided to achieve.
Goals can be divided according to the terms in which you want to achieve them. Goals can be life term goals and we can actually divide them into- Career, Artistic and Physical goals.
Example: Career Goal- “To be the Best Motivational Trainer in the world by 2024”
Artistic Goal- “To write One Best selling Book every year”
Physical Goal – “To sculpt my body into an athletic body”
Once we have decided the long term life term goals, we can further break them down into :
5 Year Goal-   To be the General Manager – Training, Learning & Development in the TOP 10 of the TOP 500 Fortune companies of the word.
2 Year Goal- To be the Senior Manager – Training & Development in the TOP 10 of the TOP 500 fortune company of the world.
1 Year Goal- To get certified in NLP, Mind Mapping, Brain Training,
6 Month Goal- To arrange funds to train yourself on the above skills.
3 Month Goal- Book Yourself for a Industry famous certified program.
1 Month Goal- Read , Research , find out people related to this type of training programs.
One should have goals in each and every area of his life. Be it career, education, family, health, finance, wealth, attitude, knowledge or public service , we should goals in all of these areas.

10 Important tools:
1. Start with Small Goals.
2. Achieve those small goals and slowly move towards your next bigger goals.
3. Write your goals in each areas of your life.
4. Review, reflect on your goals regularly and make necessary changes to set the goals on the right course.
5. Set your goals into Positive statements and in present tense.
6. Set your goals timeline by which you believe them to accomplish.
7.Set realistic goals which completely be believed by you all the time.
8. Set them as SMART goals.
T-Time bound
9. Make an Action plan around your each goal and completely stick to it till really major change not required.
10.Have 100% faith and belief in it to be a reality as and when you have desired it to be.

Happily Changing Lives !!!

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