10 simple ways to Change your Life into “Your Dream Life” – Power of Mind

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People around the world have been talking for years now, about the amazing power of mind. An innumerous number of researches are going on across the world to unleash this power.

Indeed the power of mind is incredible and is still untapped.

The immortal myth has become talk of the town for quite some time now, which says that an average human mind uses 10% of its capacity.

The new Luc Besson movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson, released months back. It’s based on the immortal myth that we use only 10 percent of our brains. Johansson’s character is implanted with drugs that allow her to access 100 percent of her brain capacity. She subsequently gains the ability to learn Chinese in an instant, beat up bad guys, and throw cars with her mind (among other new talents). Morgan Freeman plays neuroscientist Professor Norman, who’s built his career around the 10 percent claim. “It is estimated most human beings use only 10 percent of the brain’s capacity,” he says, “Imagine if we could access 100 percent.”

This was just a movie, only for entertaining people. But are we not leading the movies of our own life. We are the main lead actors of the movie of our life. It is, we as main leads of the movie who have to create the difference in our lives.

“Mind is limitless”  with an amazing potential to create anything and everything.

The simple fact, that if you turn to see around yourselves right now, each and every item you can see is the result of  the human mind. See the tables, chairs, fans, air conditioners, pens in your pocket, clothes you are wearing , mobiles, watches. They are all, result of the “Power of mind”. Somebody somewhere thought of the need to create these items and their thought resulted into a physical product.

Many people keep thinking the same kind of thoughts, and visualize the same mental images in an unconscious manner. This means they keep viewing the same movie in their minds, and consequently, go on creating and living the same kind of life.

You lead your life everyday like a routine. You get up everyday, get ready and go to office, work in office really hard, come back spend time with your family and sleep. You continue to follow this routine day in and day out. The result is also the same ; day in and day out.

If you keep thinking about challenges, difficulties and problems in your life and keep your mind occupied with these thoughts, you would continue to receive bountiful of these .


If you learn to replace these with feelings of opportunities, ease and solutions in your life; even that would come true, as it is.

It’s simple just do this :

1. Silence your mind by freeing yourself of the negative habits and attitudes. When you ‘quiet’ your mind something ‘new’ has to step in because there is no vaccum in nature. It is the Universal Consciousness, spirit, the creative power , your inner ‘I’.

2. Make the visuals of your dream life, like when you see a movie with all its scenes picture perfect.
You have to create those images in your mind. Like CEO of an XYZ company is ‘You’. Like you are driving the latest BMW car. Like you are on a family vacation to the most exotic location for 15 days. It has to be set with timeframes.

3. Creating the visuals is the first step. Anything and everything comes with repetitions and practice. So visualize these images every night before you sleep and every morning as soon as you get up.

4. Repetition will make your conviction on that visual image stronger. This can be increased exponentially by executing the same with feelings.

5. Feeling of such visuals will create those positive emotions inside you. These positive emotions would attract the right kind of people, resources and opportunities in your life.

6. Once these right set of emotions attract the right set of resources into your life , you will create a ‘mastermind ‘ group . Now instead of one, you will have the power of similar group of people with the same or similar mindset about the same or similar goals.

7.The affirmations, positive emotions, visuals will now be supported by the high octane strength of mastermind group. The gaps which you alone could not have filled would easily be bridged by the ‘mastermind’ group members.

8. As the thought , the visual, the image, the emotion started from you, you would become the natural mentor of the group.

9.’You’ the mentor of the mastermind group would now optimally manage the members of the group and set the group to action.

10. The action would now have to be executed , improvised, with perseverance of doing it , till it is achieved. You would find that all your goals you had set for, would be accomplished by that set timeframe every time.

Happily Changing Lives…

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