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Once when I was sitting and chatting with one of my mentors few years back, he took me into a real life story of a man who is known as one of the most phenomenal success in the recent times.The person is Thomas Alva Edison.

The story is ,that this person who ,we now know as a genius was once declared by his school as “addled”  , one with some mental illness. Then how did he became the genius we know today.

Once his school had thrown him out of the school , his teacher mother resisted the fact and almost fought with the school administration but when she could not win over the case, she said to the school authorities , ” I will school my child on my own ”

Rest is history.

Mother infused into his child that he is completely normal and is actually the genius which his school failed to understand. This same thought was time and again put into his thinking arch , so that every time he formed a thought about any thing, he makes himself to think like a genius.

But this was not enough. His problem with which he was born was there and he struggled.

He failed 10,000 times to actually invent the bulb in the 10,001 th time.

Many years later when someone asked him, how could he keep himself going on and on, even after so many failures. He replied ” I never failed, today I know 10,000 ways of how a bulb cannot be invented”

Insight Indeed…

So whenever you read or hear about any such person who has phenomenally turned the tables upside down ,after biggest failures of his life  and has succeeded to be FAMOUS, you would see the following common attributes:

1. They do not accept rejections or failures. They do not judge themselves based on the output of their performance. They learn from their failures. They either win or learn.

2. They take complete ownership of their actions. They do not blame others for their circumstances.

3. They take every failure as a failed attempt. They take it as a momentary ; a temporary failure.

4. They take criticisms as not ‘stones being thrown at me’ but as areas of improvement.

5. They set goals which are specific and bound by time. In case they fail to succeed or succeed within that timeframe, they change or improvise their action plan.

6. They do not focus or research too much about their causes of failure, rather they focus on their strengths and build upon them in that time. It is because they just learn and move forward.

7. They do not stress themselves too much on one thing for very long if they realize it needs a break and a renewed, reenergized and a new view at it.

8. They just believe only on one thing ” Accomplishment of the goal “, in between all the attempts; failed, half-successes, and just about a success , only as stepping stones to the ultimate destination.

9. They are thoroughly positive all the time and do not get affected by the external factors around them which may be totally opposing or challenging.

10. They express gratitude to all they have in the present and continuously thank each and everyone coming into their life for or against the purpose of their life.

Happy reading !!!

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