Dare to dream “BIG”

People say dreams come true. But every time you dare to dream, lot of voices “The inner voice” and “All other voices”, spring open and say “Don’t you dare, DREAM”.

Every time you share something of your interest, your love about a thing, your passion to someone in your lives, they again make you feel “How can you dream, such an unrealistic dream?”
You somehow still manage to garner that courage and do some self talk and say “I am born to do this” and your immediate support, your family screams at you ” Are you nuts ? Don’t you think, you have so many responsibilities to take care of ? How can you even imagine that you can dream so ? It’s all impractical, take care of your things first, then think about it?

oh my god !

“I can’t even dream. The easiest thing to do in this world is to dream. I can’t even do that.”

Is this not the feeling you have most of the times in your life.

Since your childhood , every one who came into your life stopped you from dreaming , created that block in your mind which you could never unblock.

What we are talking here are all kinds of dreams ?

The dream can be as small as buying a flower pot with the best flower in the world in your garden.
The dream can be as small as speaking out your mind out whenever you want.
The dream can be buying a car of your own.
The dream can be buying the car of your dreams.
The dream can be to buy the most expensive car in your state.
The dream can be to own the exclusively made the most expensive car in the world.
THE DREAM can be…..

It’s all in the mind.

You choose not to dream because you fear to dare. You fear to dare to dream. You fear to dare to dream BIG.

Open up , widen your horizon and dream BIG.

That DREAM is YOUR DREAM. If not BIG, make it BIG.

There is nothing in this world which started BIG. It was small, and then it was made big, bigger and then the biggest.

Nothing more but as the saying goes…”Rome was not build in a day”.


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