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For the entire childhood, I kept saying and repeating to myself that “I am the Best” and I should be the winner in everything I attempt.
The situation was such that I could not accept the fact that I can fail or can be second to someone.
It was not practical nor sane, but that is what I used to feel.
Parents and siblings kept guiding me that you should learn to face the failure also, but I was adamant and never accepted the fact; even after I had crossed my teenagehood.
But as the saying goes, there is no bigger teacher than “Life” itself. The greatest teacher of all times ” The journey of life” taught me that failure in life is as important as it is to succeed. But even after so many years and after experiencing success and failure time and again I still do not accept a failure; as a failure.
I have rechristened it for myself as a learning. I mean I take every failure in life as one more learning.The attitude is “Either I win or I learn “.

People get depressed after they have failed and more so if they have got repeatedly failed.

But my dear friends, I just want to share one very important learning. This life is not a destination; it is a journey. A journey where you need to commit mistakes, where you need to fail, so that you can correct yourself and win; may be to fail again some time later.

Experimenting with your own life is no crime. It is not forbidden. If you do not take chance, how will you come to know whether the result is going to be in your favour or not?

There are only two results after your any attempt on anything; either you win or you fail. But I say; it should be ‘Either I win or I Learn’. That’s the winner’s attitude.

Because if you win, you are obviously a winner. But if you fail and accept that fact, you will be a failure. Instead, if you fail anytime in your life for anything you attempt, consider it as ‘i have learned one more way of how I may not succeed’. The result is you will try once again with a new will and vigour to win again.

There is one very popular saying by Robert H Schuller that ” Success is never ending and failure is never final”.

So fail but learn your failure to convert it into a success, because what matters is, how you have completed your life not how you started off.

Happily Changing Lives !!!

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