NGP Species “Never Give Up” people who always rule their world

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There are two types of people across the world. No ! not successful people and unsuccessful people.

They are the people who are either the “Give Up” people or “Never Give Up” people; the NGP species.

I am sure all of you have met some or the other person in your life who is an NGP model.

I have met many in my journey called life till now. They are the “Oprah”, “Edison”, “Einstein” “Amitabh”, “Sachin”, “Lata” “Lincoln” of their world.

But it is not so simple.

These names have not become famous overnight. They have gone through their own shares of situations, circumstances when every time they encountered a face-off with giving up, they chose otherwise. That is they are what they are today.

It’s not that these are the only ones, the list is long but not that long. You will not find an NGP model in every other person. It’s a rare species and one of the research shows that only 3% of the entire population of the world succeed to be an NGP “Never Give Up” model in their field.

Have you ever thought why?

The reason is the last post you read “Either I win or I learn; Winner’s attitude”. Yes ! they do not let failure treat them as a failure; instead they take it as one more learning in their life and move on to their dream destination.

A small story to trigger us to be an NGP model. The model I take inspiration from, every time I am at such a juncture.

A small ant with a small minute piece of bread crumb was trying to climb over a heap of mud, when a small 5year old kid standing close by saw this ant climbing. The excited child came very near and blew away the ant.

The ant was blown away from that heap, which was a mountain for it to a distance with the bread crumb lying further far off from it.
The child clapped and was very happy.
But the ant got up and slowly walked to the bread crumb piece and holding it in its mouth, again started climbing the heap of mud; which was a mountain for the ant.
The child was observing all this and he got very annoyed on seeing the dare of the ant.
This time the child came further close and blew away the ant with far more might and the result was that the ant was lying on the ground far off from the heap.
The child got very happy seeing this.
But the ant got up again and again walked slowly to the piece of crumb and holding it in its mouth again walked up on the heap, which was a mountain to it.
The fight between the ant and the child went on for quite sometime.

Finally a loud voice called up “Son” where are you ? we are leaving come back fast to the living room.”
The child lost track of all what was going on and walked away.
But the ant again got up and slowly walked up to the piece of crumb and holding it in its mouth again walked up on the heap of mud, which was a mountain to it and ….finally reached the summit.

The most motivating  NGP model to me.We have such people around us. They could be our own people around us or the people we hear often in news. But the lesson we should take is, they “Never give Up”

The strength of their character is “I may fail but i will try again; i may fail again but i will try again; i may fail further again but i will keep trying and trying till i succeed”
The only reason we fail is because we accept that last failure as the final failure but it is a failure only because we did not try it one more time.
Usually most of us who fail are the ones who give up just few metres away from when their destination is about to be reached.
Now the question is , how will we come to know that we have reached the last few metres ?

The answer is keep going till you reach ; till you reach your destination, without batting an eyelid and you will be amazed that you have reached there.
It is easier to give up but becomes far more difficult to rebuild your strength and go on and attempt after a failed feeling.
The easiest way would be not to give up and give it a shot again and most of the times you just achieve it in the second shot itself.
That’s why these are the people who rule the world they attempt at);-

Happily Changing Lives !!!

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