10 fast track tips to get hired in the company of your dreams – Interview Tips

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To get hired by one of the best companies in your list , is always a dream which we look forward to everyday.

But how do we get hired in the topmost companies of the world ?
Is it the effect of a killer resume ?
Is it my personality?
Is it my education credentials?
Is it my years of experience and job role expertise?
Then what is it?
It is ‘Planning your Interview’.
Now how do you do it ?
The following 10 tips may come handy to get hired in the fortune 100 companies of the world.
1. Create an interactive, crisp, objective as well as subjective killer resume which should not be more than 2 pages. ( Learn how to create a killer resume in my next blog)
2. Start questioning yourself on the resume you have created. Prepare questions from the experiences, education and achievement columns on your resume. Create a followup questions linked to the answers you prepare for all the questions you create. Basically drive your interview . Keep the joystick in your hand.
3. Dress up to the occasion . It’s your interview. You have to look the best. Wear formals and groomed like a professional. ( Check out grooming types in the future blog )
4. Reach at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time for the interview and keep your mannerisms and body language in check and control. Any form of nervousness and anxiety in the waiting room, can dim your chances. You are being watched.
5. First impression is the last impression. Your handshake has to be the powerful, crisp and communicative. It should be a professional handshake; a vertical handshake.
6. It’s your attitude in the interview which is going to make it cracking for you. Feel, behave and act like equals, An interviewer might be a senior, but before you are hired there is no need to act like a subordinate.
7. Prepare a confident answer to the question where you are asked about your weakness. It should indirectly be helpful in the job role ahead. (Learn how in the next blogs)
8. Bring to table the package of “Why you are the best person for this job ?” . It should be the most strongly , filled with conviction and sheer confident , well prepared answer. ( Learn how to prepare the package)
9. An interviewer is supposed to ask questions. That’s right. It was his job. But nobody stops you to put questions to him . Prepare few questions probably about the role, the company and the culture of the company.
10. Send a thank you note to the interviewer. Probably a handwritten note would be the best. If not you should at least send a message or a what’s app post.
Happily Changing Lives !!!
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