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Every new hire who joins an organization has a lot of reservations and doubts on his first few days in the organization. It happens, that many times a new hire is led into a direction where the journey becomes difficult because he is influenced by only one point of view.
To be successful in any new organization the person should focus all his energy on practicing the following mantras during his first 90 days.
1. The most important task at hand is to understand the culture of the organization. The culture being mentioned here is not the one shared with you on your orientation day by the HR team, but the real culture of the organization; the real way that organization works.
2. Be open, friendly and be completely approachable to all the existing team members. Take time to understand their behaviour, mannerisms, likes, dislikes, backgrounds, experiences, groups, supervisors favourites, supervisors not so favourites and how do people express their grudges or share their happiness. You need to become a sherlock homes before you actually start your operations. But this has to be done with a caution, without wrongly alerting the existing team members that you have any purpose behind it; completely harmless intentions.
3.Provide enough time to understand the SOP’s (the standard operating procedures, policies) directly related to your job role and the department.
4. Understand, learn and start following the formal and the informal DO’s and DONT’s of the office, basically, the daily routine discipline of the workplace.
5. Try not to be a show-off maniac and genuinely try to befriend people so as to know about them. It’s not only about knowing the supervisor or manager who you are going to report to, but all your colleagues.
6. If you are in sales; instead of trying to show your starry sales abilities and taking up sales target from the initial days, try to learn “How is sales currently being done in the company? Who is the star performer and what is he doing to be the star performer. After having understood the tricks of the successful sales in this company, put your sales acumen and strategies to customize it to make your own sales pitch.
7. Don’t try to change things immediately even if you are in an authoritative role. After having spent a couple of months with the team, try to involve them by accepting or welcoming their ideas to change the existing process. The acceptance of change will be more and resistance would have reduced.
8. Be open minded and congratulate the team members, members from other teams from the front by approaching and appreciating them with shake hands or even by phone calls, on successful achievements of their targets or projects, while you are undergoing your first 90 days.
9. Practice clear communication from the beginning and slowly let people know your character and personality traits more by displaying them than by flabbergasting about them. Start building up a strong character from day one.
10. Help people support ideas, innovations, and causes wherever team effort is required. Be upfront in being the contributor in any activity which leads to accomplishment of various tasks. Bond yourself to emotions, celebrations, and strengthen your own relationship network.Simply don’t try too hard to prove yourself from day one before understanding the environment…

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