Work like a Proprietor : Be the Boss on your Salaried Job

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“My dear friend !! why the hell do you take so much of pain? What will you get out of this? Your extra hard work will hardly be paid off. Why don’t you just complete the tasks for which you been hired? You are just an employee; at the end of the month, you will just get your salary. Why are you dying to work so hard?”

Is this not a very familiar conversation which you often hear in and around your office?

It’s a mindset. A mindset which takes away the performance which a potential employee can display and come out highly productive.

A business owner if enjoys the profits which he makes out of his business; then he also has to bear the losses which are incurred. He takes ownership. Obviously, he has to, because he is the owner of the business. He would not limit his working hours to a 9 to 5 job because his business is his baby, his responsibility.

He would not make excuses for not being able to complete a task on time but would feel unnerved. He will ensure to complete that task by attempting again.

Now, if with the same mindset and an attitude of a proprietor, a salaried employee works, what will happen?

A huge shift would occur in the business.

The shift would be in the bottom line of the business,

The shift would be in the top line of the business,
The shift would be in the high retention of the employees,
The shift would be of the high productivity and efficiency of the employees.


The biggest shift would be in the high morale and boost with which an employee would persistently work on his job. He would love his job more, he would take pride in his job and would see to it that he always outperforms his last achievement.

With this attitude, the accountability would turn in, on its own. 

The salaried employee would feel the that he owns the job.

He would take the targets to achieve according to his own abilities and skills. He would continuously upgrade his skill sets because he knows to he has to become better, he himself has to change according to the changing environment of business and technology.

The various issues of taking leave without prior intimation, losing interest in the job profile, cribbing for the new role assignment would not happen because the individual himself would take up the new responsibilities and initiatives from the front. The biggest hindrance of evaluating his job with respect to his salary amount being credited to his account would be completely out.

It’s like each and every resource would be the part owner of the company.

You, the salaried employee have to feel and act like a business proprietor to be the boss of your job.

Happily Changing Lives !!

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