Happiness at Will

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We work day in and day out to earn our livelihood.

But have we ever wondered, what is the ultimate reason we wake up every day and live for?

Is it for money?

Is it to feed our family?

Is it to fulfill our dreams?

Can you reason out?

Is it not “Happiness” which we seek out every day.

It is for this ultimate gratification that we wake up every day and continue to seek for the entire day.

But when we see around, we hardly find people happy in their life. Most of them are cribbing about the various kinds of problems in their life. We all want happiness in our life and that too all the time.

Today I want to share with you those steps that can bring “Happiness at will” into our lives.

Let’s again do this, in 10 steps:

1. Most importantly, immediately stop thinking about the problems in your life. Stop thinking about the lack of any kind in your life, stop talking about all the ills which have happened to your life. Just stop chanting the sadness in your life to anybody. They say “sorrow” reduces only if you replace it with happy thoughts.

2. Start being happy for what you have today, for what you have already been blessed. Start practicing the ‘Power of gratitude’.

3. Believe that there is no shortage of any kind, no shortage of any resources which you want. Every imaginable thing is in abundance.

4.Laugh, be friendly to those you hate the most and see the ‘happy’ world being formed around you.

5. Talk less and listen more to nature’s music of green, blue and orange. Feel earthly, feel lively.

6. Give a smile, spread it around with every person you meet during the day.

7. Every negative thought coming to you should be welcomed with a glass of ‘happiness’ and should be made to feel helpless.

8. Help every person coming across during the day with the smallest possible gesture.

9. Try to celebrate the smallest of achievements during the day. Make yourself feel accomplished every day.

10. Retire to bed with ‘happiness’ to your soul, feel relaxed and rest your body to happiness.

Happily Changing Lives!!

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