21 Rules to every day Success

 1. Stop procrastinating & prioritize

To achieve what you want, you need to prioritize your day by executing the tasks according to the importance and the urgency of the tasks. One can create a personal and a work TO-DO-LIST and categorize them into ABC categories. Start with the most important and urgent task items early in the morning and then gradually move into the lesser important tasks and may be postponing the least important ones towards the end of the day.

2. Express gratitude for all that you have today

Continue to thank for what you already possess and thank for what you are aiming at. Let the Law of bliss work for you.

3. Discipline yourself to habits

Nothing can be achieved without discipline and repeated actions. A habit can only be formed if you discipline your life to routine and make consistent efforts to improve them.

4. Do not hold back your dreams

Do not fear to dream. Don’t hold yourself back to attempt what you want to. Give it a try at least once.

5. Do not fear to fail

Don’t worry about the result of the attempt you are going to make. Do not let the feeling of failure, which could just be one of out of the two results of an attempt get over you and stop you from attempting itself.

6. Explore yourself

Explore, Experiment and Extend yourself to unknown territories to experience the beauty of knowing yourself.

7. Do Value Creation

Create value at your workplace by delivering more than all others with the same type and quantity of resources.

8. Plan your Goals with timelines

Set Goals always with timelines. Timelines bring seriousness, sincerity and strength to the goals. It ensures closures.

9. Think, just think; out of the box or not

It’s not important that you have to be the Jobs, the Gates or the Zuckerbergs of the world. It’s not important to think out of the box, to make a mark. Important is that you should think and act. Wear a thinking hat for all your actions and decisions.

10. Welcome the Challenges ; see them as opportunities

Learn to welcome problems or challenges as opportunities. Wear a lens which helps you take them, as opportunities in disguise, because most of the successful people have seen problems as necessities which helped them invent the solutions in form of products.

11. Build Rapport with the environment 

Create long lasting relationships with the people around you at all levels. This world is run by human beings who have drastically extreme levels of human emotions. Understand emotions, strengthen mutual respect and create rapport with them.

12. Extend help to others selflessly

Do not hesitate to step forward and extend help to the people around you, selflessly. Let the environment feel you as a contributor in their growth.

13. Conduct a SWOT on the self

Regular and rigorous self assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats would help you hone your skills to up your level.

14. Don’t settle down in the present, but be happy with the present

Being happy and content with your present is important to let the positive energy work for you. But at the same time don’t settle down with it. Regularly unsettle yourself to add novelty to your personality.

15. Keep your Intentions pious to bring change

Things which you intend to change in your surrounding for others happen, only when you keep your intentions true to your conscious.

16. Motivate others with Self-Change, do not try changing others

Forcing change leads to nowhere. Motivate the change you want to see in others by displaying your changing self.

17. Celebrate accomplishments not necessarily the success

Small or big, whatever you accomplish, celebrate them to make the moments memorable. The moments stay forever as you age.

18. Spend more time with family to gain strength

Family time should be strictly family time. Keep yourself away from all distractions and all work when with the family. Devote your time completely to them. They are your core strengths who stand by you at all times.

19. Present yourself in style

Let the world feel your presence wherever you go. Present yourself confidently with your grooming and your magnetic behavior.

20. Negotiate win-win situations

Deal with various challenging situations to bring value to all. Negotiate in a way that the proposal brings results which are win-win in nature.

21. Learn, don’t try to teach lessons to others

Lecturing is the easiest way to display your intelligence, is what most people think. Instead learn from others and let them feel, they too know a lot. May be then place with subtlety, what you want to put it across.

Happily Changing Lives !!

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