10 ways to create ‘Productive Best Resources’ in your organization

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Every organization, each of its departments and every single team leader wants productive resources. Isn’t it?

And not only just productive but probably, the “Productive Best Resources” (PBR) in their team.

The reason is very simple, we want the output to be more than the input. Revenues to be more than the expenses, so that margins beyond expectations can be achieved. But how do we do it, if we have just the resources and not their ‘Productive Versions’.

We interview people regularly to somehow get our PDR’s, but we rarely are able to hire such a resource. We usually get , just the resource and then we have to spend all our energy, time and money to train, prepare and finally make them fit for the role they have been hired for.

And this is not just with the first time employees, the investment is almost the same with even the vintage resources, who have some great industry experience.

So how do we go about making the existing resources into PDR’s. These are the 10 ways to create ‘Productive Best Resources’ in your organization:

  1. Alignment of the Goals> PDR’s can only be made if they have their goals aligned with the goals of the team, the department and the organization.
  2. Vision > The resources should be able to visualize their growth path in the organization for at least the next five years.
  3. Value Creation > Value creation should be the objective of every task, every project undertaken by the resources.
  4. Hard work > The notion of hard work, which is more the number of hours put more is the hard work, should be reviewed. Effectiveness of each minute put on a task should be analyzed.
  5. 80/20 rule > The time being managed should follow the 80/20 rule of ensuring that  80% of the most important tasks should get completed in the first 20% of the time of the day.
  6. Curve of Learning > The resources should regularly upskill themselves by getting trained and by being completely updated in their area of operation.
  7. Inspire by leadership > The resources should be led by the managers who inspire them to be the change to change the things around by demonstrating the change in themselves.
  8. Communication > Productivity is to give your maximum and may be beyond what is expected out of you for the set number of hours you are putting up. But that can only happen when there is seamless communication between every channel in the organization.
  9. Rewarding and recognition> For all that is being accomplished according to the organization’s expectations out of the resources, should be amply rewarded and recognized.
  10. Positive Environment> An environment of increased productivity is only possible when the organization makes an effort to ensure a wholesome positive environment at work by various engagements for the resources.
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