EMI Calculator to Loan of Success

Success is sought after by all but eludes the most.

Success cannot be measured on any scale. True it cannot be, because definition of success is different for different people. For what is success to me; the materialistic pleasures, may simply be immaterial to you.

I want happiness, I wish wisdom, I cherish relationships, I want wealth, I crave love, buy you may not. You may not be gratified by these alone; you may wish more or may be much less.

Over all these years, most of the people who have come my way have shared their desire to succeed with what success actually means to them, their own definition of success. Quite possibly, success for most of us is that level of achievement when we are able to fulfill our basic needs, the social needs, and the luxuries as needs and for some may be the self-actualization.

So does that mean we can measure success. Is the scale based on our own customized need gratification?

At the first place, do we really have a scale to measure success?

At least I have not found anyone so far who could give provide me one.

You know why?

It’s because we tend to see success in relative. We compare ourselves with people around us. Not with the one we idolize. Of course not, with our own selves. Now because we compare with others, we always tend to fall short of achieving our success.

You toil hard, day and night, stretching over weeks and months to reach there and as you are just about to reach, the other person’s already achieved success which you had considered as your benchmark, has raised its bar. You stretch more to achieve the new high set by the benchmark; the other person’s newly achieved success, and it moves onto the next level and once again you fall short.

Is this not the biggest reason of our unhappiness index soaring high, all the time?

So what do we do now?

Let’s take a loan. The Loan of Success.

The application to this loan has to be submitted to the Bank of Universe. The loan application has to be filled in with your personal details and the amount of loan you want.

The best part is that your credibility is not based on your existing CIBIL score. You might have been an all- time defaulter till now and you can still be granted the loan. And the amount can be decided by you. Quote any insane amount and receive it.

The only few pre-conditions to successfully get your loan approved are, that you would not compare yourself with others, you would compete with your own self  and you would have to continue to adorn the positive mental attitude (PMA).

But this loan too comes with some mandatory conditions to repay the loan. Of course nothing comes free. You will have to pay the EMI. EMI to the Loan of Success.

The first condition to repay the EMI to this loan is that you have to repay regularly. But the best part is that you are not required to repay to any one individual institution or person. You may also not be required to pay back within a stipulated pre-decided tenure. But you will have to repay this EMI all your life.

The EMI is not necessarily required to be paid in cash. It can be in kind. The kind again may not necessarily be the tangibles. They can even be the intangibles.

You can choose to repay by standing in support to the ones who need by simply being physically present.

You can choose to repay by sharing their sorrows and helping them come out of it.

You can thank them for the simplest of gestures they display in your honour.

You can love them for being what they are without expecting anything in return.

Do remember you are repaying. You are the borrower. You have taken a loan. The Bank of Universe has granted you the amount which you have always desired, the unlimited abundance which you had always wished for.

Now it’s the time to repay. And repay all your life.

Another condition to this loan is that you are not paid in full, in one go. Instead like the home loan, you are paid as and when you require. The next part of the already sanctioned loan which you could avail would also depend on your payment history.

If you agree to the above , your loan agreement would look something like this

Loan Agreement

Agreement of debt 


This loan agreement is made between :

Full name __________________of Address


Full name___________________ of Address_____________________________

  1. Date of Agreement:

    This agreement is effective from________________________

  2. Period of Loan

    This loan shall endure for a period of lifetime calculated from the time of effective date.

  3. Loan amount

    The borrower promises to pay to the lender _________________________ along with interest and other charges outlined below.

  4. Interest

    The borrower shall be liable to pay the interest rate in equated monthly instalments of _____

  5. Prepayment

    The borrower shall be entitled to pay larger instalments than prescribed  but can never pay back in full

  6. Late charge

    Late payment charges would be levied in form of an extra EMI , the next time the instalment is made.

  7. Insolvency

    If the borrower is declared insolvent, he stands an equal chance to become a beneficiary to other loan borrowers.

  8. The parties confirm that this contract contains the full terms of their agreement but any addition to or variation of the contract can be enforced in writing and signed by self.


    Executed by both Parties on _______________ 

    Happily Changing Lives !!!

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