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My School “My Father”, my first book, the English edition was published in 2016. With the worldwide acceptance it had received, this book on parenting ranked up to become an Amazon number 1 best-selling book in the non-fiction genre in the family and relationships category in May 2018.

Though, when I had started writing this blog in 2009 on which was later imported, I had never thought it would lead me to this stage. The first blog series which I had started as “Conversations between Mr. Nair and his son Prashantan”, would shape into a book form, was something which I could have never imagined. That series in its book form was titled as My School “My Father”, a book on parenting. And my journey as a published author began with it.

One year later, with the kind of motivation and acceptance that I received from the people around and then from the readers across the globe, I finished writing my second, which was a romantic-thriller novel, I think I know you…Karunya, Do I?

With this book, I forayed into the world of literature as a fiction author. The book received international acclaim and was among the top 20 books at the Amazon- American Idol for book lovers, Kindle Scout contest 2017. Being amongst the list of New York time bestselling authors with this novel, was a recognition, which could take any newbie author to the cloud nine. It was a moment of extreme joy and pride.

While I was being read by thousands of new readers every day, hundreds of e-mails with requests to release My School “My Father” and all my upcoming books, in regional languages started pouring in. Hindi was the highest rated language on request by the readers across the country, followed by Malayalam, Marathi and Gujarati.

No doubt it was overwhelming for me as an author. After all how could have a writer and blogger turned amateur author, take all of this unexpected attention so soon.

I had been promising my patrons, the readers of my work, that the books would soon start coming out in other language editions as well.

So the time has come to acknowledge my readers’ requests.

And so popularity of this five * reviewed book, My School “My Father” on Amazon and Goodreads and on demand by thousands of Hindi language readers, the book is now coming out in its Hindi avatar.

The daunting task was to look out for a good translator, and that was what took so much of time. And once that was done, this extremely talented Hindi writer and poet have taken quality time to translate the book.

Check out his bio

Aashutosh Kumar Gupta is a 35 old, thoughtful writer and an independent journalist. Born and brought up in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, he now lives with his wife and two children in Lucknow. After completing MBA from the University of Lucknow in 2006, he had worked for eight years in fmcg companies like Brittania, Dabur and other such different multi-national companies, across North India.

Having worked in considerably a large expanse of geographical area, he got a lot of exposure to different novel and innovative ways of working. And then he went into a brief period of introspection about his life and tried discovering the ultimate purpose of his life.

And then as the sanskrit word “dwij” which means born twice, he was born again out of the ashes of his first version like Shanon Perry said “Rising from the ashes, I am born again, powerful, exultant, majestic through all the pain”.

The human being form is the only living form which is called “dwij” because after he has taken birth on this planet, he is re-born the second time, only when he realizes his abilities and the ultimate purpose of his life.

And so with his eloquence and his own time zoned thought process, while exploring his purpose of life, in 2014, he resigned from a promising job of being an operations manager, and came to Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh.

The great interest he had in the Hindi language and the social issues our society dauntingly face every day, inspired him to get into journalism and writing in Hindi.

First thing first, to master the language, he completed his Masters in Hindi (M.A Hindi) and then began taking up various assignments. His write-ups and poems regularly get published in various magazines and journals of companies.

Writing is not a profession for him but a long desired love interest, with which he wants to serve the society in general.

Translation is his core expertise and his next goal in the wish list is to learn different regional languages.

Contact him personally for any work of translation from English to Hindi on his email id,

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