#Tip2ToLearnEnglishLanguage – #101TipsToLearnEnglish Initiative

? Want to learn English ❓

✔️ Yes…

Then don’t read this post. And if you read this, don’t implement the 101 tips, I am going to share with you.

But just in case if you are adamant, I cannot stop you.

To learn anything in this world, one has to be determined enough. But at times even if you are determined, the environment around you is not supportive enough to help you learn what you want.

The second tip is therefore, that you need to surround yourself with people who speak this language, so that even if you are passive, you still get forced to participate. Only if you have options available, you will get back to your comfortable regional mother tongue. If you don’t, you will speak. And that’s how you’ll learn.

There are people who I have seen, have not attended beyond their primary school, and yet speak fluently. And let me tell you, I am talking about Indians. You would easily relate to what I am saying if you have visited Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi or any other famous tourist place in India.

Have you not seen those tourist guides speaking such fluent English?

✔️ Yes…

So how without attending proper school, have they learned to speak fluently? It’s all because they have forced themselves to learn this language by surrounding themselves in an environment of native English speakers who come to visit Indian cities of historical or mythological importance.

This initiative of sharing with you #101TipsToLearnEnglish would continue to run in all possible forms of learning modes, even after 101 days. Audios, Videos and of course eBooks would be brought before you, to help you learn this funny, yet the most important language in the world.

#NotForAll This initiative is not for those who know this language really well or even those who know mildly good enough to transact. They can ignore.

#TargetAudience : Beginners in English language. All others who find it useful but know English, I am not forbidding them to use these tips. They can.

#101TipsToLearnEnglish is what I am going to start, as a post, with one tip every day at 8:00 am and a repeat post at 9:00 pm IST, every day.

The tips might appear simple enough to be ignored, but if you read every tip at least thrice, slowly and loudly, uttering every word and then work on that tip, diligently, you would for sure, see the improvement, you wish to bring.

#Disclaimer: These 101 tips are a work of rigorous research and help has been taken from the already existing similar work.


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