#Tip3ToLearnEnglishLanguage – #101TipsToLearnEnglish Initiative

? Do you really want to continue to learn English language through this #101TipsToLearnEnglish Initiative❔


English language is something which the Britishers left behind as they moved out of our country. And it has influenced our lives so much that today we as Indians are the second largest English speaking population in the world.

Initially a language, meant for and used by only the affluent class, later became so important that our success, in this supposed to be a Hindi speaking country is largely dependent on how well do we know this language, English.

It’s sad but a bitter truth, that we take pride in being fluent in this foreign language, and not our own mother tongue, Hindi language.

So for all the good you would bring into your life and to your loved ones life’s, you need to declare this to the world. That you are going to pursue your longing desire to know this language if not like native English speakers then nothing less than them also. You need to tell them that you are going to study and practice in this language and that you would dedicatedly devote some definite number of hours in learning this language. Therefore they should support you, encourage you and not interrupt you while you attempt to do this.

I have taken up this onus of sharing with you #101TipsToLearnEnglish so that you could become effective enough in this, at least as a second language.

This initiative would continue to run in all possible forms of learning modes, even after 101 days. Audios, Videos and of course eBooks would be brought before you , to help you learn this funnnnny , yet the most important language in the world.

#NotForAll This initiative is not for those who know this language really well or even those who know mildly good enough to transact. They can ignore.

#TargetAudience : Beginners in English language. All others who find it useful but know English, I am not forbidding them to use these tips. They can.

#101TipsToLearnEnglish is being posted, with one tip every day in the morning and a repeat post in the evening.

The tips might appear simple enough to be ignored, but if you read every tip at least thrice, slowly and loudly, uttering every word and then work on that tip, diligently, you would for sure, see the improvement, you wish to bring.

#Disclaimer: These 101 tips are a work of rigorous research for which help has been taken from the already existing similar work.


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