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? Can you do anything to learn English ❓

❌ No

No…I am not asking you to pay me for what I am going to do for you. It’s free. But can you really do anything to learn this language?

✔️ Yes

Then, let me tell you a story.

My Story of my tryst with English.

I was eight year old and in my fourth standard. I was otherwise good in academics, but every time my parents attended the Parents-Teachers Meeting, my class teacher had only one thing to complain about; that I am poor in English.

I now badly wanted to learn this language. But who would help me out. My parent who had completed their schooling in 1950’s and that’s what their highest education was never knew this foreign language. This meant, my family would not be able to help me out. Neither by ways of an English tuition class, after school. That was unaffordable.

That evening while I was watching a movie on Delhi Doordarshan, I saw someone saying, ‘Life is all about give and take. To get something in life, you have to learn to give something in return”
Very next day in my school, I tried it out. I approached, at least ten boys and girls to help me learn this language in exchange of my lunch tiffin box which had one or the other South Indian delicacy every day.

And they did. They did take away my tiffin box and even handed back the empty box, every day. But never helped me out. It was just one tip/ one lesson everyday which I expected but they didn’t.
I then tried various other methods. I helped my classmates with their homework, gave them classwork copies if they had missed something and even helped them with Mathematics problems. But you would be surprised, that none of these ‘giving’ techniques worked.

Then one fine day, someone told me, to learn English, one should, read English newspapers. I made my parents life a hell, till I got the newspaper subscribed. The Times of India was subscribed.
And it became a routine for me. Every day I sat with the TOI after school, and didn’t get up, until I had finished reading every article in the newspaper to its last word.

I began to learn this foreign language, English by reading. So reading is very important, if you wish to learn this language.

For all the struggle I went through, to learn this language, I now wish to help you learn it in a much easier way. To start with, I have 101 tips for you.

I have therefore taken up this onus of sharing with you #101TipsToLearnEnglish so that you could become effective enough in this, at least as a second language.

This initiative would continue to run in all possible forms of learning modes, even after 101 days. Audios, Videos and of course eBooks would be brought before you, to help you learn this funny , yet the most important language in the world.

#NotForAll This initiative is not for those who know this language really well or even those who know mildly good enough to transact. They can ignore.

#TargetAudience : Beginners in English language. All others who find it useful but know English, I am not forbidding them to use these tips. They can.

#101TipsToLearnEnglish is being posted, with one tip every day in the morning and a repeat post in the evening.

The tips might appear simple enough to be ignored, but if you read every tip at least thrice, slowly and loudly, uttering every word and then work on that tip, diligently, you would for sure, see the improvement, you wish to bring.

#Disclaimer: These 101 tips are a work of rigorous research for which help has been taken from the already existing similar work.


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