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Life has a lot to teach. It offers ways so different and yet so customized to each one of us to learn from. I, so far in this journey called life, have learned a lot from the common ‘mango’ people, those with profound wisdom. Reason being, that I could never reach out to the sages and geniuses, people so widely worship.

Do we too, most of us, are not always short of such wise guides and mentors in our life?

Just in case, if we are able to find those who are considered genuine mentors, we can either not reach out to them for innumerous reasons we all are aware of or they too come with a price tag, exorbitantly high, out of our reach.

Then who should we look up to for the problems so major in our life, that life itself becomes unbearable.

Being in this dilemma for years, I somehow managed to practice a way of living which was different from a lot of people around, which I continue to practice even today.

Learn from the stories of the people around you, read about people and their stories from around the world, watch videos on You Tube and Facebook, about people who have anything worthwhile to offer and learn as you live with people around you from the everyday experiences of life.

Stories inspire. Yes, they inspire so much, that one story of a person from the remotest of corners of the world can change your life forever.

That was one big reason, for bringing forth before the people, such inspiring stories of common unsung heroes and sheroes. The intention was that all such people who find their day-to-day problems unbearable to survive along, can read these stories of inspiration and learn to fight against the trivial to major problems in their life.

Timely, with the blessings of the infinite intelligence, the supreme energy, I am finally collaborating with, all such like-minded souls.

One such soul is Surabhi Pandey.

Who is Surabhi Pandey?

Surabhi is a Content Consultant at SYNC PR in Singapore.

She is also the Founder of The Vent Machine.

She has years of experience in content curation and creative writing. Having helped in the ideation as well as the development of SEO-oriented and creative content for global and regional companies, her comprehensive understanding of the market is unmatched.

She is a Penguin-published author with two books to her credit. She has co-authored and edited more than 15 anthologies in different languages.

Nascent Wings, a unique collection of selected poems is her first book.

Saturated Agitation, a short novel based on the atrocities on women in the Indian Society is her second book.

An eloquent speaker and passionate writer, she has hosted many stage events and has years of experience in TV presentation.

Surabhi has interviewed artists, politicians, film stars and authors in India and all across Southeast Asia.

She is also a panel blogger at Andrews McMeel. She is an esteemed alumnus of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, from where she has accomplished Masters in Mass Communication and PG Diploma in Journalism.

                       Surabhi Pandey

What is The Vent Machine?

The Vent Machine was initially called ‘Nascent Wings’ (Surabhi’s personal blog), same as the title of her first book.

She has always loved meeting inspirational people and writing their stories. She enjoys exploring the dynamics of new cultures and writing about them.

People started liking what she wrote and The Vent Machine was born.

The Vent Machine has a readership of over 30,000 people, which is multiplying exponentially, with every passing day.

The Vent Machine has interviewed eminent celebrities and emerging stars like Jon Gresham– the Author of We Rose Up Slowly, India’s love coach and No. 1 Radio Jockey- RJ Rahul Makin, Daryl Qilin Yam – the Author of Kappa Quartet Talks Instapoets, Jiang Rong Teo– Singapore’s Serial Entrepreneur, a millennial 23 year old Entrepreneur, Rakesh Chandra– A thriving You Tuber from India, Lucinda Law– the most celebrated botanical Illustrationists and the likes.

None other than Ruskin Bond, Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi, Priyanka Chopra, Swara Bhasker, Richa Anirudh, YouTube Sensation Hirzi Zulkiflie, Abhishek Bachhan are as featured stories on The Vent Machine.

TVM has reviewed books and short films, have run campaigns against racism, for mental health awareness, gender discrimination and workplace hostility to name a few.

The Vent Machine is a space where every genuine voice has a say.


Why am I talking about Surabhi Pandey and The Vent Machine on this post?

As I had mentioned earlier in this post, we are collaborating, and embarking together on a soulful journey, which we would christen as #lifestoriesbyajit.

Stories of people who have undergone any form of physical or mental extremities in life and have hence come out flying, fighting strongly against them. They are now, either leading or trying to lead a mainstream life, irrespective of any such extremities in their past. Thus, are inspiring the people around.

These people might not be famed enough to inspire the entire generation but even if they are a model of inspiration to few hundreds of people around us, they befittingly would become a subject of #lifestoriesbyajit.

One story every month would get published for the next ten months, starting December 2018.

.10 Months. 10 Stories.

Join us in this celebration of extraordinary stories of extraordinary unsung heroes.

Watch out for the first story coming up on The Vent Machine in December 2018.

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