Writing to me just  happened. I had never ever thought that I would be an author. But yes, I have always been a voracious reader.

People often ask, that how am I able to write with a day job and a young family to take care of. My only answer is that I am driven by my passion. That’s it. I want to express my heart out and so I take out time for it.

Usually at events people ask how do I weave the stories. Do you get inspired from somewhere or is it pure imagination. My answer is I write life like as we live our everyday life. The plot, the scene, the characters, the beginning, the climax, the main theme, the title, and the cover page everything has to be planned.

The only advice i have for all the budding writers is , ‘Go on and just write. Without thinking much what you are writing and what it would turn out to be.

As discipline is important in every field to excel, so also it is, in writing. You have to be up daily and doing it like you probably do your morning yoga or meditation. I am strictly not in favour of this mental block called “Writer’s block”. It is because of the sheer absence of passion and motivation to express.

Keep writing !! Keep expressing !!