My School "My Father"

An Amazon bestseller, touching lives of millions across the world. A wonderful father-Son relationship expressed beautifully.

I think I Know You Karunya.., Do I?

A romantic thriller novel which keeps the reader engrossed till the very end. Among the top 20 Hot & Trending books on Kindle Scout Campaign for 30 days.

About the Book

This book revolves around conversations between a father-son duo on various topics they witness in their daily life. The story’s setting is that of a middle-class family of four. The father-son duo often gets into discussions where the son always wants to know more about the topic of discussion. Mr. Nair by his own ways of explaining the reasons tries to broaden his child’s thought process. The conversations which happen reflect a lot on the healthy relationship which the father-son duo share and the confidence the child have on his father.

I think I Know You..Karunya, Do I

A romantic thriller which revolves around romance, terrorism, and re-birth. The storyline keeps you logged till the very end and you keep guessing who is the main antagonist.

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