My School "My Father"

An Amazon bestseller, touching lives of millions across the world.

I think I Know You Karunya..., Do I?

An Internationally acclaimed romantic thriller novel which keeps the reader engrossed till the very end. Among the top 20 Hot & Trending books on Kindle Scout Campaign, the American Idol for Book Lovers.

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The boy who never gave up, fights against all the extremes in his life and at last becomes the Youngest President of the largest Republic in the World.

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An infamous quinquagenarian writer banished by his own family comes from the oblivion  as a savior to the world, as the doomsday is ticking closer and the world is about to end.

About the Book

This book revolves around conversations between a father-son duo based on their everyday experiences. The story’s setting is that of a middle-class family of four.

I think I Know You..Karunya, Do I

A romantic thriller which revolves around romance, terrorism, and re-birth. The storyline keeps you logged till the very end and you keep guessing who is the main antagonist.

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