21 Rules to every day Success

ajitkpanicker/ December 29, 2016/ Personal Development/ 19 comments

 1. Stop procrastinating & prioritize To achieve what you want, you need to prioritize your day by executing the tasks according to the importance and the urgency of the tasks. One can create a personal and a work TO-DO-LIST and categorize them into ABC categories. Start with the most important and urgent task items early in the morning and then gradually move

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Happiness at Will

ajitkpanicker/ September 17, 2016/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

We work day in and day out to earn our livelihood. But have we ever wondered, what is the ultimate reason we wake up every day and live for? Is it for money? Is it to feed our family? Is it to fulfill our dreams? Can you reason out? Is it not “Happiness” which we seek out every day. It is for

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“Either I Win or I Learn” : Winner’s Attitude

ajitkpanicker/ December 20, 2015/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

For the entire childhood, I kept saying and repeating to myself that “I am the Best” and I should be the winner in everything I attempt. The situation was such that I could not accept the fact that I can fail or can be second to someone. It was not practical nor sane, but that is what I used to feel. Parents

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10 simple ways to Change your Life into “Your Dream Life” – Power of Mind

ajitkpanicker/ December 14, 2015/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

People around the world have been talking for years now, about the amazing power of mind. An innumerous number of researches are going on across the world to unleash this power. Indeed the power of mind is incredible and is still untapped. The immortal myth has become talk of the town for quite some time now, which says that an average human

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Dare to dream “BIG”

ajitkpanicker/ December 10, 2015/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

People say dreams come true. But every time you dare to dream, different voices around, some from your within and some those of others shout out loud at you “Don’t you dare, DREAM”. Every time you share something of your interest, your love about a thing, your passion in life to someone in your life, they get you into self-doubt. “How can

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