Thoughtrons by Ajit- Motivational Quotes- Life Quotes

  1. “Feel yourself in the art around you, the greens, the blues, the yellows, the reds, the oranges; they all have life”
  2. “Place yourself in the arms of your SELF, to feel the serenity of life around you”
  3. “Criticism are like those stones, stepping on which you can create a masterpiece”
  4. “You might look small from the world of others, but you refuse to accept that they too are caged in their own world”
  5. “Lighten yourself off all your baggage that holds you back and forbids you from boarding your dream flight”
  6. “If you could write your fate at your will, will you still look at others to sharpen your pencil”
  7. “Let the Sun inside you rise and set everyday to feel the rhythm called life”
  8. “Let it out open, this new year to the world, what you have always held inside, the magic inside you”
  9. “When everyone else gives up on you, your friend and guide “Book” puts up its biggest faith in you”