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How to manage office gossips?

ajitkpanicker/ March 5, 2020/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

Do you know how to manage office gossips? We will see how we can. First, read the conversation below. “Ashish, do you know what happened last night, at the quarterly party?” “No man. I wasn’t there. I had to leave home early yesterday.” “Dude. What a ruckus? That Tarun, he spilled out everything in front of the Regional Head, after a couple

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How not to be the last-minute manager?

ajitkpanicker/ February 14, 2020/ Personal Development, Uncategorized/ 1 comments

Do you want to know how not to be the last-minute manager? “Time is really the only capital that any human being has and the only thing he can’t afford to lose” – Thomas Edison Isn’t it? But we still keep delaying our tasks to the last-minute. Why do we delay completing our tasks? Is it because we are lethargic? Or Is

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