Ajit Panicker


Mystery of the Mistaken Mystic ––It is mystery thriller novel.

Sivan the protagonist in this novel, who from being a poor, frail-looking, average loner guy turns into a super-rich business magnate.

Is it about how he goes through the various ups and downs in his life while continuing to make a mark for himself in this not so good world?

That is what you should watch out this novel for.

But what is the mystery then?

Is it mysticism, as the title suggests?

Is it a murder mystery?

Is it a thriller?

Is it magic realism?

The story starts while he is in college, how he meets the love of his life, Rakhi.

There is something that he finds that changes his life forever. Something you should read the novel to find out.

From a no-one to the one the world starts saluting, his journey as you read is inspiring but what is interesting is the mystery and suspense that develops half way through the book.

To know what is that mystery, read it till the very end. The suspense, thrill and the mystery with romance builds this story into a lively book you would cherish reading.