Ajit Panicker


Bandit Love Entangle – It is a short read

Jhumroo Devi who has been living as the Bandit Queen of Chambal, is in her mid-sixties, when her grandson, Raghvendra Singh gets into something she cannot disown.

Raghu and Anjalika while completing their graduation get into a blood-shed, where Raghu comes handy in saving Anjalika’s life.

But Kabeera Singh, who loses yet again, gets into a do or die mode. He swears to square off the dues with the queen.

What happens after so many years that trigger a war-like situation between Jhumroo Devi and Kabeera Singh?

How does Anjalika, a common college going girl get involved in this battle?

How does Sumitra who succeeds in keeping her only Son, Raghvendra, away from the ravines of Chambal, fall into the trap, yet again after almost twenty years?