Ajit Panicker


That Sinful Day–It is a short read.

Kunal, a sales professional, is travelling for work on one of his office trips with his boss, Sudeep. Kunal is married and is a one-woman man.

Sudeep is married, however, is a jerk of the highest order.

On their way to from Delhi to Jhansi, on the National highway, Sudeep, finds a young – sexy girl, looking for lift. He stops his blue Ciaz to help the girl in distress.

Kunal was half asleep. But by the time he realized, the girl was already inside the car.

And what the heck, when Kunal tries peeping at her through the rear view mirror of the car, he gets the biggest shock of his life.

Keerti was sitting at the rear seat; his unfinished love story…the love story which abruptly ended fifteen years back.