Ajit Panicker


The Love and Seek Stories

The protagonist in each of the stories tussles with their relationships in life. Each of them has a past that hounds them back into their present.

Kunal, a regular family man was leading a pretty happy life, when all of a sudden; a single day changed his life forever. Life turns strange and nasty when you expect the least. That’s what a work-related trip did to him.

Will he survive the situation?

Manjhari was happily enjoying her single status, after having decided not to marry for life. Her past relationships had left no room for any new one to bloom. But then circumstances lead her to marry a man who had a lustrous career and status, great enough to cajole her mother. About a few months into the marriage and doubt creeps into her mind, a doubt that changes her life forever.

Does the doubt turn real and she gets hurt one more time?

Joy, a young man with a super cult status as a formula-1 car racing champion makes way to add another to his long list of girlfriends.

What happens when this new girl enters his life? His habit or her presence, what will change his life and status?

Raghu, a young lad meets a new girl in college. The very day they meet in the college canteen, unexpected bloodshed happens. They run to save their lives and take shelter under one of the most dreadful dacoits of the country.

How a girl who turns into his life minutes back changes his world, shaking his very existence and origins?