My Life without a Mobile- Those Seven Days

ajitkpanicker/ April 12, 2019/ My Experiences, Personal Development/ 0 comments

I bought my first mobile way back in 2004. Times have changed and so has the importance of mobile phones in our life. Mobile phone is no more just a prized possession for us these days. It has evolved from being just a communication device to a multi-purpose gadget. A gadget that serves as messaging service, internet, radio, mp3 player, video player,

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The Year called 2018: A Throwback

ajitkpanicker/ January 8, 2019/ My Experiences/ 4 comments

Throwback It is always nice to look back at the year that has just passed by. When I look at 2018, this is what it threw back at me, January 2018 I think I know you… Karunya, Do I?, gets published as a paperback edition. However accomplished an author becomes with time, his first book remains closest to him forever. My first

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Graduated to IRON determination-MY FIRST INSPIRATIONAL STORY- a Real Life story

ajitkpanicker/ October 31, 2012/ My Experiences/ 0 comments

” Graduated to IRON determination”   This story revolves around a lady, who by her sheer determination became a graduate in 27 years. Recently while giving a financial planning seminar, to some bank employees, I heard one  lady of around 55+ age getting a little too inquisitive about the way I was delivering the session. The session was based on the techniques

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