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How to become a Life Skills Trainer?

Were you looking out to become one?

If yes, you have come to the right place.

Today I am going to tell you, how to become one.

How to become a Life Skills Trainer?

But before I do that, let me briefly tell you Who exactly is a Life Skills Trainer?

To do that let me ask you do you know What are life skills?

Life skills are the skills that help us become better. They help us communicate better, think creatively and critically, make better decisions, manage emotions better, and do effective problem-solving. There are many sub-skills under these that you can master.

Were these taught to you in school or college or maybe in your university?

Ideally, they should have been. But I know, at least in India, only a handful of institutions do. The rest of them do not give even deserving importance, forget about skilling students at different levels.

But Why are life skills so important?

The world is competitive. Businesses want skilled manpower, not just educated students.

According to famous research, about 60% of total graduate students who are passing out every year from various colleges are just educated, not skilled to take on the role even after three months of the organizational onboarding process. Isn’t that simply a waste of money?

What are these institutions for?

Are they only to provide factual, conceptual, and knowledge-based frameworks?

Aren’t they supposed to train them with at least basic life skills?

And so the Role of a Life Skills Trainer comes into play and becomes extremely important.

What does a Life Skills Trainer do?

He trains you to become better in the above-mentioned skills through his sessions and one-on-one coaching. But he does more training than coaching.

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Now if you want to know How to become a life skills trainer, you have to know What are the qualities required to be a life skills trainer?

Qualities to become a Life Skills Trainer

  1. You have to be an empath.
  2. You have to be a good speaker.
  3. You need to know how to present before an audience.
  4. You need to be well groomed.
  5. You have to have hands on that specific life skill you are going to train people on.

How will you become a Life Skills Trainer?

An important question that may come up in your mind is that Is it necessary to get certified as a life skills trainer.

As a Life Skills Trainer and Coach for more than a decade and a half, I would recommend everyone taking up this role to get certified before taking up even their first assignment. You would learn the techniques of training people, which is equally important as having command on the subject matter.

Most of the companies these days prefer Certified and Credentialed Life Skills trainers.

You can attend a TRAIN THE TRAINER program at one of the decently good and recognized institutes.

Once you have all or most of the desired qualities and certifications to be a Life Skills Trainer, you should know how to get rolling as one.

For that,

You can apply in Corporate companies to become a full-time employee as a Life Skills Trainer. Many companies these days require life skills trainers, especially those that are in consumer-facing industries.

You can apply as a Life Skills Trainer for Sales, Customer Service, Communication, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Empathy, and Emotions Management.

You can alternately, also independently work as a freelance life skills trainer and provide any of the above-listed life skills training on a retainer ship basis or contract basis. You can slowly set up your own training institute and in the long run, take up bigger pan-country projects for various companies.

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