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My TOP 10 Lessons of 2012

The year 2012 has been the BEST YEAR so far in my life. The reasons people give for experiencing the best, are plenty, but for me the reasons are the lessons which I learned in the year 2012.
The top 10 lessons are –

1. Keep yourself fit and the only way is to get up early in the morning and experience the beauty of nature. Thanking all the time, when you are walking, jogging, exercising or doing yoga that you are blessed and you are successfully and consistently doing this for at least 30 min everyday.

2. Human being was not born to work alone, achieve alone or bask in the glory of success all alone. He has to share everything possible with others and experience the real inner happiness.

3. Robert Schuller said, \”Success is never ending and failure is not final \”. True it is. My learning in the year 2012 was that if one makes a genuine effort, acts accordingly then he can realize all his dreams.

4. Gratitude to everyone who made my year 2012 the most successful ever , not in terms of achieving physical and materialistic pleasures alone, but for making me understand that \”Thanking each and everyone, for every small or big act done for you, with you and by you, makes all the difference\”

5.Consistent and constant small steps everyday towards your dreams helps you create a phantom of self belief that \”It is not too far….\”

6.Everything happens for a cause, yes it is true. Even the most negative of moments happen in your life to teach you something or the other. Life is all about bringing happiness, and it starts from within.

7.Happiness, prosperity, success, fame, love, affection, respect, perfect health, perfect harmony of body, mind and soul, humbleness, positive relationships, unlimited abundance of wealth, money is all achieved by your constant \”Belief\”. A belief that there is no shortfall in this universe and that there is unlimited supply of whatever you want.

8.Success may come to you and you may achieve it too, but you should know how to achieve it. There is a short way, which leads you to immediate gratification of all your needs but it may not be the right way. The other is a long way, difficult, challenging and time consuming. But most of the times it turns out to be, that right way which leads you to Super stardom.

9.Money is not everything. True , but it means a lot. It cannot buy all the happiness in the world but if it is in shortfall, it leads to dissatisfaction. So earn, spend, save and live your life to the fullest. The love for money is different from the greed for money.

10. The last but not the least, your self belief with righteousness will continue to direct you on a path which gives happiness. The path which would create a BEING out of you, who would always be remembered.

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