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Date of Release – Mystery of The Mistaken Mystic will go Live.

My next book, a mystery novella, Mystery of The Mistaken Mystic will go live on….

6th September 2020, Sunday on Amazon worldwide. This is getting published as an eBook kindle edition but it might come out as a paperback edition in the future.

Cover Page


A sample with few chapters would be available for a free read on Amazon.

You can buy your copy the moment it gets published. 

Kindle Unlimited Subscribers can download the eBook for FREE anytime.

Keep the date, 6th September 2020, tagged somewhere. You can put a reminder on your phone.

Sivan the protagonist in this novel, who from being a poor, frail-looking, average loner guy turns into a super-rich business magnate.

Is it about how he goes through the various ups and downs in his life while continuing to make a mark for himself in this not so good world? 

That is what you should watch out this novel for.

But what is the mystery then?

Is it mysticism, as the title suggests?

Is it a murder mystery?

Is it a thriller?

Is it magic realism?

Hold your horses and read it yourself on 06th September 2020.

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