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My Top 10 Lessons of 2020

What a depressing year this has been? Most of us are still under restrictions, under partial lockdown, even today. I wish we never see a year like this. The entire nation and the globe underwent a strange metamorphosis. To this date, the world is still trying to come out with a vaccine that could save it from any further damage. While it has been extremely challenging to come to terms with the dreadful COVID-19, there is still a flip side that is bright enough to take our lessons from. I am sure you too must have learned a lot this year like me. These are my top 10 lessons of 2020.

So, keeping the trend on, I am posting them.

  1. One of the biggest lessons this year was that the time spent with the loved ones is never too much. For the three months India was put under the complete shutdown, I am sure millions of people all over must have understood the value of family bond, love and staying together. Locked with my family members in my own home helped me realize how we can stay together for months together. And that it is actually fun to be with them than any kind of botheration. We played games, we sang, we danced, we ate and we drank together for days, and weeks and months.
  2. I realized that we can stay happy with less and that we need not have everything extra-large.
  3. That we should take care of ourselves like no else’s business because it is not. This year when we were fighting against the COVID-19 each one of us were on our own to keep the required hygienic. Could we depend on others? No. That’s how it should be all the time.
  4. That there are more stupid people than wise around you. And the only way to keep yourself unaffected from such stupid people is to stay distance from them.
  5. I realized that it is not important to be productive always, all the time. It is absolutely fine to take some time off and lazy around.
  6. Thanking people in general around you bring so much of peace within you. If you still have not, thank all the warriors who fought for you when you were locked or quarantined within the walls of your house. I paid gratitude every day and trust you me it kept me going strong.
  7. This one for sure was one of the top lessons this year. Immunity if good is going to keep you healthy and strong against any COVID type of infections. Taking ayurvedic help or whatever home remedies that helps should be taken to keep your immunity boosted all the time.
  8. That online and remote ways of working through internet can be made as effective as going to office every day. Two important virtues that are must are trust and accountability.
  9. That being self-dependent is fine but being socially self-sufficient is not possible. You have to manage to keep yourself socially active, even if it asks you to make a call to your friends every week.
  10. Come what may the goals of your life should not take a backseat, so what if it was a Corona year. New ways of ensuring your dreams come true can be devised. The persistence to reach out and turn them real is the key.

I hope you too learn from my top 10 lessons of 2020.

Wishing you all a happier and healthier New Year 2021!

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