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My Top 10 Lessons of 2021

  1. Live in the present – One of my top 10 lessons of 2021 was to live in the present. Ever since COVID-19 broke out, things have only been becoming messier, disrupting the routine we were. Although it brought along many positives which we could have never seen otherwise. One among them for me was that i learned how to live in the present than to plan the long and far away future, the future we can never get hold of. Most of us had been doing this in the pre-covid days. i am now trying to make my present happier, cooler, gratifying and relaxing than thinking about how I would be able to do the same in the future.

2. Work on your dream goal – Although I have been working day in and day out but I learned from the various success stories that I witnessed in 2021. One thing that I learned was that I will have to persistently work on my dream goal without taking a break if I want to make it true well on time.

3. Learn, Update and Upskill yourself – In 2021 I have invested a good amount of time and money in upskilling myself in the field of Learning & Development. I feel it was a good decision because those who upgrade themselves stand a better chance in this competitive world.

4. Work hard on your Health – There is no greater wealth than your own health. I have tried to keep up with this promise in 2021. Although not as regular as I was in the previous years but I still maintained a regular walk or a jog.

5. Help others wherever possible – The world is too small and life is too short. I learned, that it is always good to help others around us whenever they need us. Especially in these testing times, we need each other more than any other time before.

6. Read and Travel – One of my top 10 lessons was that I should continue to spend a good amount of time on reading and traveling. Although I traveled and had three vacations this year with family, I read much lesser than the previous years.

7. Spent time teaching kids – One biggest love I found this year was teaching my own kids on a regular basis. I have been teaching and training children and adults all my life now. Trust me but the biggest pleasure I enjoyed was this year when I started spending more time with my kids and their daily studies.

8. Spoke less and listened more – I have been trying to do this all these years. But you know how difficult it is, especially when you are a trainer. But to transform into a life coach I had to develop this important skill. The skill of reflective listening. One of my biggest accomplishments this year was, to speak less and listen much more reflectively.

9. Learned to say “No” more effectively – Again a habit which I had been suffering from quite some time was to say “Yes” to most of the people around. And most of the time. This year I have become a little better at saying “No” more effectively. How can anyone achieve anything great in life without learning this extremely important skill?

10. It’s fine to displease people at times – Most of us try to please most of the people around us. So that they don’t feel annoyed or become displeased. It is absolutely fine to displease people at times. You can’t be an “Always Nice Person” people expect you to be. If you are one, you are faking. This too happens to be one of the top 10 lessons in 2021.

Wishing you all a wonderful NEW YEAR 2022 !! Make the most of it!

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