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My Top 10 Lessons of 2015

My Top 10 Lessons of 2015

Every year we make resolutions in the beginning of the year so that we can achieve them by the year end and feel accomplished.

We have entered into the last month of the year \’December\’. Therefore before this month ends let me share with you the top learnings which i had this year.

This year too, i had many such resolutions, goals and dreams to fulfill ,which by the end of this year were to be achieved . But more than that, it is these top 10 learnings which are slowly becoming my achievements.

1. Life is full of second chances. It always gives you one more chance to make an attempt to accomplish your tasks undertaken. It\’s just that you need to \”Try it, that one more time\”

2. People say dreams do not come true so easily . You need to slog, you need to struggle to realize your dream into a reality. But i learned this year, it is as easy as you visualize it to be. It\’s all in the mind.

3. Discipline in life is not only important but \”The most important\” element of one\’s life. Discipline to lead your life to success is one more learning, I had this year. You need to have high levels of perseverance to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. It is \”Discipline of Perseverance\”.

4. Visualization is something which we all do. But ,what I have been practising since 2011 is Creative Visualization. It is you who creates things into your  life , knowingly or unknowingly. Then why not do conscious attempt to create all such visuals which we want to see them \”Live\” in our lives.

5. Dare to dream big. On always being told not to dream big, I continued to do otherwise, because I felt that strong urge to dare to do something which most fear to do, \”Dream Big\”. Limit is in our mind, so you limit yourself to what you want, by limiting it in your mind.

6. Being grateful and showing continuous gratitude to what you have in present not only ensures your future to bring in more of it, but even your present moves into a zone full of abundance.

7. Introspection atleast every fortnight. This practice not only showcases my assets and liabilities every two weeks but provides me the course of path in which i need to redirect myself, if not moving in the right direction.

8. Positive thinking leads to Positive living. Thoughts are created first in mind, consciously or unconsciously and then they take shape depending upon their degree of positivity. If we know that postive life can be lived by positive thinking, then why not make it a conscious habit of thinking in the opposite direction everytime a negative thought enters our sphere of thinking.

9. Learning is not by learning alone but by sharing , teaching, mentoring and coaching others to the positive life of abundance by believing in the self.

10. Keeping yourself grounded. In spite of all the successes, accolades, appreciations which one gets all day along, one should keep \”Modesty , is the best policy\” principle to feel their real worth.

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