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My Top 10 Lessons of 2013

The year 2013 has been one of the greatest years of my life. And therefore without any further delay, i would like to thank all the people who came into my life this year and made it wonderful. The year 2013 is the second year of my journey to re-discover my self. The journey which I am on is to know the inner self  so that I can understand the real purpose of my life.

Here I list the top 10 lessons of 2013-

1. The first learning, though not in any order of importance, has been, that one should be continuously \”thankful\” to all animate and inanimate things around him, for all that has being given  to him in form of any material or immaterial pleasures of life.

2. The second learning has been that, one should be patient and calm, to receive the fruits of all the efforts he puts in achieving any goal. Usually it happens, that majority of the people step back and stop putting their efforts when they are just few meters away from their desired goal.

3. The third learning is that though life cannot be entirely planned at one go, but can obviously be planned within a framework of Long-Mid-Short term goals with specific time frame. And then one can put his actions into place to reap the desired results accordingly.

4. The fourth learning has been, that one should , prioritize his work according to the degree of importance and put forth the required efforts to achieve them. This means that one should continue to strive to maintain the required work-life balance and hence receive what he always desires \”happiness\”.

5. The fifth learning is that, there is nothing in this world which is impossible or unachievable , because it is not the destination, but the persistence in the efforts to achieve them which makes all the difference.

6. The sixth learning is that the intent of doing things should always be pure and righteous , because if it is so, every energy particle around you helps you achieve the goal set forth.

7. The seventh learning is that one should always think, reflect and feel grateful to all the people who are helping him be with the natural rhythm of life which is having harmony of heart, mind and soul. They may be the near and dear ones or may be even strangers or may be even an inanimate thing.

8. The eighth learning is to have complete faith and belief in your own dreams followed by planned actions and the undying attitude of \”I Never Quit\”.

9. The ninth learning is to have a Positive Mental Attitude towards life. To see everything with positive attitude whatever be the situation and try to figure out positives out of the worst of negative situations in life.

10. The tenth and the last learning is to keep a healthy and  fit lifestyle with regular exercises for the body, mind and the soul through physical  exercises, yoga and meditation.

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