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How to become a Motivational Speaker?

How to become a Motivational Speaker

This dates back to the year 2010 when after my first failed attempt at starting a business of my own, I was feeling defeated and demotivated.

I had resorted back to my first love, an accomplice that has always been by my side, my books. It was during that period of self-introspection I happen to watch a video, a video in which a limbless man was motivating people. Mind it there were thousands of people in the audience.

He was Nick Vujicic. The man, the reason behind my journey to become a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. I know he doesn’t know this.

I questioned myself if this man with no limbs, a man who is crippled can do it, I too can do it. Pardon me for being so rude. I love this man, respect him and follow him for what he has done. Not just for himself but for the thousands of people around.

So what if I failed in my first attempt, I will try again. It was because of those words that were echoing inside my head,

“If I fail, I try again, and again, and again”.

The words by the man himself. By Nick Vujicic.

That’s how I got motivated to try again.

After years of practice, I felt and strongly so, I too want to affect and help people transform their lives. What better than becoming a Motivational Speaker, like Nick.

In a country like India, where there are millions of people looking for motivation to do good in life, I wanted to make a difference. By contributing to their lives.

That was when Sandeep Maheshwari, a man who from being the CEO of the company he founded called imagesbazaar.com, began taking motivational sessions. That too with a promise that he would do this all for free, all his life. He continues to do so. He has 21 million subscribers today on YouTube. He too claims is a motivational speaker.

How can you become a motivational speaker?

That’s what the question is.

Walk your own path. I would say. I am walking my path to my goal. Don’t blindly follow what others are doing.

Question yourself – Why do you think you can become a motivational speaker?

  1. It could be because you think you are a good public speaker, but that isn’t enough.
  2. You might think Sandeep Maheswari, Vivek Bindra and the likes like them are making millions out of this. Don’t get into this for that.
  3. You have a subject matter expertise on something, and you want to help others through that. Yes you can and should.
  4. You think you have great stories to tell which you have experienced in your life. The stories that can motivate people to do better in life, take better decisions, and become better human beings. Yes you should.
  5. You have a story of your own which you made out of a failure. A story that may inspire and motivate others to create their own inspiring stories. Yes you should very much do.

What can make you a good motivational speaker?

Let me answer this for you.

  1. Your genuiness in doning the hat of a motivational speaker because it is not a position or a profession. It is your service for the mankind.
  2. Your intent should be to help people transform their lives for their own better and for the others around them.
  3. Your passion to tread on this path, because it is not something that can stop when you reach a level. It is a life long journey, a life long assignment.
  4. Your self-lessness is what will make people connect and stay with you and your insights.

Finally, I know, you have been waiting all this while for the answer to this one question, “How to become a Motivational Speaker?”

Do I need to answer this now?

Let me do it. Don’t worry. I am not going to write, wait for my next blog. Let me reveal it for you, right away.

There is no defined path to becoming a Motivational Speaker. Actually, there is no organization or body that can certify or provide accreditation to become a motivational speaker. I know there are many that can help you become a good public speaker.

So how will you become one?

  1. First identify your reason of becoming a motivational speaker, which could be any of the five answers to the WHY I listed above.
  2. Then check if you have most of the four attributes – the four answers to the WHAT’s I mentioned above.
  3. After that, look for opportunities to speak on the topics of your interest, subject expertise you have, stories you have to tell or your own story on various platforms.
  4. Continue to speak on the forums of your relevant domain, and build a reputation of being a speaker who can motivate.
  5. Create a YouTube Channel or an online Video Channel to reach out to larger audiences, those who you cannot reach out to physically.

and then

Enjoy the journey!

I know I have not written a word about how to make money as a Motivational Speaker. If that’s the reason you were here, I know I must have disappointed you.

Don’t worry, I would not need to advise you on that, once you become a renowned motivational speaker. Focus on becoming a good one first.

If this read was worth your time, please don’t forget to put a comment below.

The next blog post I am going to come up with is going to be “How to become a Corporate Trainer?” So watch out.

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