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Why are Motivational Speakers important?

Why are Motivational Speakers important

I am sure you must have read about or watched one of the many motivational speakers who are around these days. I happen to be one of them. But have you really felt that they can do some magic and change your life completely? None of them can. Nor am I saying I can. Then why are motivational speakers important in our life?

According to research, Motivational Speakers are going to be the next big thing in India. 

Not because it pays you hugely but because the demotivated, depressed, defeated, population in this country is growing exponentially. Life is extremely stressful and it is for most of us. People need a dose of motivation every day.

Although I had a different reason to devote my life to becoming a motivational speaker and a life coach. That’s a different story altogether.

As we all know necessity is the mother of all inventions. Similar was the reason. I trod on this journey to discover myself. To know the greater truths of life. More to learn than to teach or coach.

But then one of my coaches made me think. How will you evolve?

I didn’t have an answer to that question.

He told me,

“The best way to learn about life is to help others learn about life. In the process, you will learn about many lives through their problems.”

Having said that I continue to be a learner for life.

Coming back to the very reason you are here.

Why are motivational speakers important?

Let me list out a few of the many ways they can be helpful to you.

  1. You operate out of your own limited mindsets- When I say limited, I don’t mean you are any lesser. What I mean to express here is, that every individual thinks out of his own ways of looking at problems, situations and life in general. Motivational Speaker is a person who can give you a different point of view. The point of view which he pulls out of his archive of motivating people in life.
  2. Motivational Speaker has his own story to talk about. One that he made out of probably nothing, or from a distressed situation in life. Not just his own story he has unlimited number of other such experiences which he has lived in his journey.
  3. Motivational Speakers are at times subject matter experts in one field and on other they are those who motivate people to focus on achieving a successful life by teaching them professional and interpersonal skills.
  4. They in a way help people transform themselves and become what they wish to, by emotionally moving them through their talks, anecdotes and real-life examples.
  5. You have a teacher to look forward to in school, college, university but the moment you are on your own in life, a vaccum is created. You miss someone who can motivate you or guide you. That’s what motivatonal speakers do.

We have different types of motivational speakers.

One who are subject matter experts like Sales and Marketing professionals, or maybe Customer Service experts.

Then there are some who are Industry leaders who want to hang their corporate hats early and want to don the hat of a leadership expert or a motivational speaker on leadership and team building.

Then we have public speakers who want to motivate people to perform in the MLM industry, who can also be referred to as motivational speakers.

Finally, we have those who motivate people in life and business through their real-life experiences, coaching, and spiritual experiences. Something I am and aspire to become better every day.

To become a motivational speaker, read my next post on “How to become a Motivational Speaker?”

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  1. In Indian traditional wisdom we have large number of stories attached with each fastival and ritual, and are actually guiding principles for a complete life. Stories from panchtantra, hitopadesh are basic moral and life changing strategic education, and later on books like Geeta are ultimate guidelines and guidance. Now near by stasang sessions and talks of spritual teachers are widely available on our mobile screen, even than if motivational speakers are required, means there is a big wide gap in people mindsets towards traditional roots. Materialistic society needs more moral support for youngsters.

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