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My Top 10 Lessons of 2022


I have to admit that this year was extremely special and important for me. It was because one of My Top 10 Lessons of 2022 was a lesson in waiting for decades.

Every year, every month, every week, every day, rather every moment teaches us something or the other. Each of these moments is an experience and experiences teach big time. But 2022 was a year in waiting because I planned and waited for 10 long years to finally execute it.

But before I disclose that, let me share with you the top 10 lessons of this year 2022.

  1. Believe in Yourself – Even when no one is believing in you, your dreams, or your plans, continue to believe in them. Every dream turns into a reality because the dreamer believes it to be a reality sooner or later. Once you start believing and start acting on your plans, few around you start feeling and believing in you. Then a few more, and then many more. A day comes when the entire world starts believing in you and your once-upon-a-time, unbelievable and impractical dreams.
  2. Don’t resort to shortcuts – Even if your goal is difficult and you have to walk a road not traveled before by anyone, do not resort to shortcuts to reach your destination. Although shortcuts will help you reach and achieve your goal in no time, but you will lose all the fun of walking on that topsy-turvy path to success. The fun of reaching the goal is in experiencing the journey, that path to success, not the destination.
  3. Plan your PLAN – Do not get into anything new just because of the thrill of doing it with no preparation or plan behind it. Make sure you plan your PLAN really well. Even if it requires a decade to prepare, drill, grill, practice, become competent, and amass resources, do it. Don’t decide in haste or out of frustration.
  4. Start small with BIG DREAMS intact – Don’t think of making it big in one day or a few months or maybe a few years. Always have a vision and vision are never short-spell. Work around your VISION with your long-term goals broken down into annual goals, and annual goals into monthly goals. If you want to achieve fast, climb a rocket and feel it. Visions take time to become a reality. Have that patience.
  5. Stay Consistent – No one ever has achieved anything significant without being consistent. If you hit a mountain with a domestic hammer, consistently, repeatedly every day ever for thirty minutes daily, a day will come when even that mountain will be reduced to dust. I am not forcing you to believe; a man from Bihar, Manjhi has already done this.
  6. Network with people who talk about ideas and not people – Make sure you network big time. But ensure, not with every Ram, Shyam and Radhe. Choose who to network with. Those who gossip about people are people with no purpose, they are just living away a life given by the Almighty. They are not making a life that the almighty wanted them to lead. They will bring you down from your mental capacity to theirs and turn you into them.
  7. Optimal Resource Utilization – Make the best use of whatever resources you have in hand instead of taking the resources on lease. In the race to make it big fast often people make this mistake. With whatever least resources we have if we make maximum utilization, at times additional resources are not required for a very long time.
  8. Build personal relationships with no benefits – Every relationship is not to draw benefits out of. Those which you want to cherish to be around to feel, discuss, and share, your personal moments, achievements, and failures, don’t try to look for benefits in them. Just maintain them forever.
  9. Speak out and take a stand – It’s not only about taking a stand for others. Don’t miss taking a stand for yourself. Many times we don’t do it and give way to some people who are habitual of taking you for granted. If required challenge them, and tell them, don’t try this every time.
  10. Don’t forget to be grateful – It’s not that you have to be grateful to someone only when something concrete, something significant has been done for you by them. You can pay your gratitude and thank them even for their smallest of helpful gestures.

Now coming to that decision for which I have waited for the last 10 years. I started my second business after 11 years. It is a company that is into Professional Training & Coaching Services, The Skillkrafter Academy.

I hope my top 10 lessons of 2022 help you as well.

A LOT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN 2023. Wish me good luck!

Wishing you an extremely happy, prosperous, and successful year ahead. Happy New Year 2023!

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