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Why after 40 you are in a Zone of danger in your career and what I did from 27 to 42 to create a career cushion?

Why after 40 you are in a zone of danger in your career; what I did between 27 and 42 to cushion my career?

Laying off is not as cool as it appears.

It is extremely difficult for any business -big or small to let go of its best talents. The very same talents, who they nurtured by investing time, energy and money on.

We have either been part of this massacre- layoff, either as a victim or one who takes such tough decisions.

Just in case you have been a victim, what did you do so that no one ever repeats this to you.

I was part of one such layoff.

I vividly remember that day, when we reached our office, and could here only one thing, a list. A list of 7000 people across India.

People in that list were asked to report to Zonal Office and meet the Head HR- North.

The act was extremely professional and one who was asking us to sign our resignations was a master in getting that done; it appeared. The Zonal HR Head.

It was not a resignation but a termination. Something on which we willingly signed citing personal reasons, the willingness that was forced upon us.

Three months of Salary and all other outstanding they paid in 15 days and it was all over.

I felt very bad that in spite of being one of top performers in the Zone, I was asked to leave. It was because I was just about 6 months old into the system.

LIFO, Last In First Out.

But then that famous quote by Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM brought a smile back on my face.

“Never LOVE your company, always LOVE your job”

The next step was ofcourse to look out for another job. But before I continue with my story, just think about it aloud.

Why do so many of us come in that zone of danger, of that unexpected layoff?

A few reasons are,

  1. If the company isn’t growing, and there are employees much more than what is required at the middle level management and the movement into the top management is tough, because someone up there will have to give his place, you are in danger.
  2. Even if the company is growing but the company is diversifying into businesses where you don’t have enough to prove through your outdated skills, you are in danger.

My Story

Reasons are plenty more, but what if you too, get into this zone of danger.

After the layoff, one big question constantly made me think,

“What if I am laid off, again?”

How to create a career cushion?

After exploring all that I could, I realized, one thing which will always keep me in JOB would be MASTERING a skill which is not easily replaceable by even a skilled person in that very same job.

I knew I was good with understanding people’s emotions, understanding behaviours, helping people without putting any T&C in place, mentoring people out of the very love for making a difference in other people’s life.

I had understood what I would love doing all my life. It was coaching people, helping them to transform.

Then I invested16 long years only on MASTERING this ART


I worked for 9 hours in a day job, didn’t take up any assignments which mandated me to travel for more than 60 minutes to & fro to my workplace. Reached home early and after spending some good time with family, invested the rest of it in mastering the craft.

Gave up on many lucrative offers that came my way where I had to change my city. And continued with my day job, reading, writing books, creating, designing, networking, making an organic online presence on social media and slowly kept building it.

In the process I turned into a Life Skills Facilitator, Motivational Speaker, Author and a Coach, without realizing that it all started because I wanted to cushion my living; cushion my career.

At times we don’t realise that finding the purpose of our life does not come through by making a conscious attempt in finding it.
It is actually living the course of life – living, learning, failing, succeeding, introspecting, and getting into something which some force up there wanted you to, but the way it has; not exactly the way you wanted.

After 7 jobs and 1 business venture later, what I am referring is not that I have again begun my journey as a business enthusiast. This time in the field of Professional Training & Coaching Services. Nor trying to say that I am super successful in my first year.

What we are not

Because this either happens in fairy tales or when you startup as a STARTUP. Projecting phenomenal growth in revenue and creating an unbelievable VALUATION is 100X easier than creating a BUSINESS with stable revenues and profits.

We the skillkrafters at THE SKILLKRAFTER ACADEMY are in an ageless business of coaching. This has been in existence since time immemorial. And so it is not a unique idea.

How my roots brought me back?

One which gives me the biggest satisfaction is that I have gradually moved into a profession, which our forefathers were in. We are into this ever since the GURU-SHISHYA concept has been there.

I come from the Kshatriya (Nairs) Community in Kerala. We were coaches of martial art – kalaripayatt, life coaching, business coaching and warfare since.

How we will help you in career-cushioning?

So one amongst our many reasons of being in this business, is to create a career cushion for all such insecure, scared, and less politically creative, 30+ year old professionals, who would want to become Intrapreneurs.

Here at THE SKILLKRAFTER ACADEMY, we invite and encourage talented professionals with proven record to come and lead our training projects like an Entrepreneur.

We don’t want paid employees, who we want are – those who know how to bring in business, strategically plan and effectively execute a project like a CEO of that project.

You can build your team, manage and coach them to create greater value to the brand THE SKILLKRAFTER ACADEMY.

The day you decide to part ways and leave us to start your own business, your own identity, your own brand – you can, without any hassle.

You must be thinking, what will we gain out of this?

What is our gain?

One more person who has cushioned his life and in the process is building something for this Nation.

Why after 40 you are in a zone of danger in your career?

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