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As I reflect on the passing year, it’s an opportune moment to bring forth the valuable insights that I gained from my experiences; MY TOP 10 LESSONS OF 2023. The following are the top lessons learned, serving as a compass for my personal and professional growth. From the importance of resilient decision-making to the nuances of managing relationships and the ever-evolving dynamics of entrepreneurship, these lessons will form a mosaic of wisdom gleaned from the tapestry of the past year.

Join me in revisiting and embracing these guiding lessons as I venture into the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead.

  1. Always make a well-thought-out decision, one that is based on extensive research, planning, and analysis. If in case, the decision is not going the way you thought it to be, stick to it and execute your long-term plan. Survive to thrive, so that you can excel as you thrive. This is the first lesson out of my top 10 lessons of 2023.
  2. If the group in which you are spending maximum time is bringing toxicity to your life, don’t hesitate to abandon the group. Continue to cherish and maintain relationships with only those from that group who add positivity to your life.
  3. You can fight, ridicule, and abuse your family, but you can never stop loving your family members. Any confusion, miscommunication, or ego clashes with your family members should be given time to let them cool off. Always remember, it is always the family that will stay in the end.
  4. If you make any major decision it will also jolt the lives of your family members. If you expect them to help you walk on your decision, you too should help them cope. It is because that jolt may be equally damaging for them, maybe more.
  5. Keep your ultimate GOAL in mind all the time but don’t force others to see them as well. Remember people around you cannot see what you can visualize because it is YOUR ultimate GOAL. They can only see what is visible at present. Don’t unnecessarily overwhelm them by making them see your future which may not be believable at present.
  6. Let your work or business strategies be SECRET. It is always better to surprise people through your significant success than beat a trumpet at every small win you achieve. Yes, do celebrate each of your small wins with your team and family. But no need to broadcast every small victory. These small victories should act as motivation capsules to help you keep going. Usually, people around you become insecure and feel uncomfortable with your everyday success.
  7. I am in my second year of running a small training company. I have understood how my business model’s annual cycle operates. You may plan your business model, but you have to be on your toes always. Keep learning what your business is throwing at you because the market is dynamic. This helps you re-strategize your moves in the market. It helps overcome the challenges that might be thrown at you in the future months.
  8. Humility, Forgiveness, and Gratitude should be your three mantras for maintaining your mental balance. In business, unlike as a salaried employee, you can’t keep grudges against people. You have to learn to manage people you might hate personally. You may not like their personalities and the value systems they operate with.
  9. Learn to repeat every day what you are best at. For me, it is Self-Learning, Training and coaching professionals, and Writing. Without fail repeating what we are passionate about brings unmatched results. Maybe not in the first year, second or third year but it definitely brings the desired outcome in some time. You just need five years to achieve everything you have ever desired. For some these 5 years come early in life and for some, it arrives a little late.
  10. Shortcuts help you bring early gratification but the RISK of losing everything is huge. It just needs about 10 minutes to lose everything. It is better to work on building goodwill, even if it means walking a long journey. Your credibility will help you scale up exponentially, maybe later but it definitely will. So focus on building credibility rather than amassing money through get-rich-quick methods. This is my 10th lesson of my top 10 lessons of 2023.

With these lessons from 2023, I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024!!


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