Why you should be a rebel in life?

ajitkpanicker/ April 11, 2020/ Personal Development/ 4 comments

I am sure your curiosity has brought you here. You want to know, why and how being a rebel in life can help a person. Most of us, all through our life, try to gain acceptance, appreciation and acknowledgment for our presence in the groups, around us. We learn that

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How to manage office gossips?

ajitkpanicker/ March 5, 2020/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

Do you know how to manage office gossips? We will see how we can. First, read the conversation below. “Ashish, do you know what happened last night, at the quarterly party?” “No man. I wasn’t there. I had to leave home early yesterday.” “Dude. What a ruckus? That Tarun, he

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EMI Calculator to Loan of Success

ajitkpanicker/ November 21, 2017/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

Success is sought after by all but eludes the most. Success cannot be measured on any scale. True it cannot be, because definition of success is different for different people. For what is success to me; the materialistic pleasures, may simply be immaterial to you. I want happiness, I wish

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Why retire at 45?

ajitkpanicker/ October 31, 2017/ Personal Development/ 1 comments

These days it’s so common to find people around you talking about retiring early. Retiring by 45.  It is really admirable. That’s what most of us would feel about people who are determined to achieve. But it’s not that obvious. If you browse on the internet, you’ll find countless articles

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Be the Lighthouse at the workplace

ajitkpanicker/ September 21, 2017/ Personal Development/ 0 comments

Understanding the energy at the workplace: Being the Lighthouse In the L&D space for more than 10 years now, I have often encountered people complaining about dissatisfaction at the workplace. Usually in every corporate monthly or quarterly meeting the team members have a plethora of problems in their plate at

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